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Custom Pads, Writing Pads, Leather Note Holders, Paper Refills

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Choose from a wide selection paper pads, writing pads and memo pad holders. Premium writing pads and paper refills available in multiple colors; white, ivory, cream, yellow and blue. Pad holders look professional and will safely store your notes for your next meeting or interview. We can make custom legal and letter pads with tape imprinting or imprinting on each sheet. Please call for a price quote! Fax: 607-563-9553

Recycled Paper Pads Spiral Bound Writing Pad Refills Eco Paper Conference Notebooks

Genuine Leather Memo Jotters
Recycled Paper Pads
Prod. No. PPSN1526-0
Price $13.99
12 Packs (1 Dozen)
Writing Pad Refills

Prod. No. PPSN1512-0
Price $9.99
Eco Conference

Prod. No. PPSN1219-9
Price $2.49
150 Qty Min
Genuine Leather
Memo Jotters

Prod. No. PPSN1257-7
Price $7.00

Eco Casebound Notebooks Junior Leather Bound Padfolios Blue Litigation Writng Pads Cream Premium Project Pads
Eco Casebound Notebooks
Prod. No. PPSN1209-9
Price $3.99
125 Qty Min
Junior Leather
Bound Padfolios

Prod. No. PPSN332-0
Price $35.95
Litigation Writing Pads
Prod. No. PPSN1504-0
Price $25.00
1 Package (10 Included)
Premium Project Pads
Prod. No. PPSN1501-0
Price $25.00
1 Package (10 Included)

Full-Grain Leather Memo Jotters White List Writing Paper Letterpads Leather Junior Pad Holders Yellow Graph 5 x 5 Premium Letterpads
Full-Grain Leather
Memo Jotters

Prod. No. PPSN553-0
Price $17.95
List Writing
Paper Letterpads

Prod. No. PPSN1503-0
Price $25.00
1 Package (10 Included)
Leather Junior Pad Holders
Prod. No. PPSN333-0
Price $36.95
Graph 5 x 5
Premium Letterpads

Prod. No. PPSN1507-0
Price $25.00
1 Package (10 Included)

Blue Gridded 4x4 Paper Pads Napa Leather Padfolders Leather Note Takers Polyurethane Junior Padfolios
Gridded 4x4 Pads
Prod. No. PPSN1523-0
Price $25.00
1 Package (10 Included)
Napa Leather Padfolders
Prod. No. PPSN121-1
Prod. No. PPSN121SO-1
$78.00 (No Qty Min)
$80.00 (100 Qty Min)
Leather Note Takers
Prod. No. PPSN393-25
Price $6.99
Junior Padfolios

Prod. No. PPSN298-0
Price $12.95

Recycled Spiral 4x6 Notebook Combo Hardcover Paper Notebooks Combo Wallet Pocket Notepads Faux Leather Scratch Paper Pads
Recycled Spiral
4x6 Notebook Combos

Prod. No. PPSN1268-9
Price $6.99
50 Qty Min
Item is No Longer Available
Notebook Combos

Prod. No. PPSN1212-9
Price $8.00
50 Qty Min
Item is No Longer Available
Wallet Pocket Notepads
Prod. No. PPSN555-0
Price $22.95
Faux Leather
Scratch Pads

Prod. No. PPSN1258-7
Price $3.87

Vinyl Fold Over Note Taker Leather Writing Portfolios Fold Over Memo Holders 5 x 8 Junior Refills
Vinyl Fold Over
Note Taker

Prod. No. PPSN1261-7
Price $2.47
Leather Writing Portfolios
Prod. No. PPSN125-1
Price $124.19
Fold Over Memo Holders
Prod. No. PPSN1260-7
Price $2.26
5 x 8 Refills
Prod. No. PPSN298-0R
Price $4.99
1 Pack (3 Included)
Ivory or White

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